The market of kitchen and bathroom has been upgraded to a "new favorite" in the industry.

Times change and markets change. What changes have taken place in the kitchen and bathroom market in 2017? He who knows his own enemy, will be victorious. Under the new situation, how should enterprises respond to market changes? China building decoration association housing department home accessories industry branch, credit research, a think-tank, jointly written in "2017 China hutch defends market and consumer behavior research report by hutch defends market analysis found that in 2017, in 2017 the hutch defends market are whole house custom into the industry's" to be bestowed favor on newly ", hutch defends intelligent products popular.
1. The market scale of kitchen and bathroom.
As the most important component of residential decoration, kitchen and bathroom decoration will undoubtedly usher in new opportunities at the moment of the arrival of the spring tide of finished residential decoration. In general, China's kitchen and health industry develops more rapidly in 2016 than it did in 2015.
In 2015, with the upgrading of consumer demand, China's economy in the new normal, whole decorate finished housing process is accelerated, rise of the Internet home outfit into brand centralization development process of hutch defends industry participants will face a full and cruel market competition.
Hutch defends market in 2016 sales of 251.4 billion yuan, up 4% from a year earlier, in 2017 in the accumulation of good policies, market factors such as hutch defends market as a whole under the influence of growth speed, the size of the market is expected to reach 270 billion yuan, an increase of about 7% less. Among them, the market of bath is 140 billion yuan, and the market of kitchen cabinet and kitchen electricity is 130 billion yuan. In addition, with the influx of capital market forces, most of the above kitchen companies will continue to maintain strong growth momentum, with average growth rate of about 30% in 2017.
2. Characteristics of kitchen and bathroom market.
1. The market channel sinks, and the potential of the third and fourth tier cities is great.
China's vast third-tier and fourth-tier cities are an emerging market with rich potential and rapid development. Research shows that the kitchen and health industry will develop in two major directions in the future: the core area of the city in large cities, and the release of the consumption capacity brought by the new urbanization. Hutch defends the brand competition is intense, in the provincial channels under the condition of channel resources to excess, every three or four line city rising consumer purchasing power of huge market potential, and attract the brands are testing the waters. It is inevitable that the marketing channel of the kitchen and bathroom will sink.
At present, China's urbanization rate has exceeded 50%. In the process of urbanization, with the increase of residents' income and the improvement of living environment, consumers also have greater and greater demand for kitchen and health products. The national bureau of statistics predicts that every one percentage point increase in China's urbanization rate will drive 7 trillion yuan in market demand. The improvement of urbanization rate represents the change of consumer lifestyle, which will greatly promote the kitchen and bathroom products. Compared with other major appliances, at present our country hutch defends the product family of hundreds of home ownership is still in a lower level, with the improving of the people's income and the manufacturer for the further promotion of kitchen appliances, as well as the constant improvement of urbanization level, domestic hutch defends for the future products, I will the growing to lay a good foundation.
In this trend, many kitchen and health enterprises have set their sights on the huge potential of the development of the urban market at the third and fourth levels. Way of channel sinks, quick take three or four line market is not new, the development of market economy at the county level to drive home decoration, household consumption demand also become a channel sink potential lies. It can be seen that the vast space contained in the third-level and fourth-level urban market has become the engine driving the sales growth of kitchen and bathroom products. Statistics show that the proportion of "channel sinks" in kitchen cabinets is as high as 92%. Channel sinking season has coming, enterprises should not miss the tide of development, but open up new areas not easily, the reform and development model is more difficult, many brands in channel sinks, find themselves don't adapt to sink after market channels. Investigate its reason is in the channel before sinking, not for their own brand positioning, product series and system research and analysis on the price system, but based on their past the marketing pattern of large and medium-sized cities, the result is no return after sinking agents and market growth. Therefore, only by not blindly expanding, measuring our own strength and balancing the relations between all parties, can we give full play to the benefits of channel sinking.
2. Market reshuffle of kitchen and health industry is accelerated and concentration is increased
In 2014, it was the watershed of the development of the hutch industry. Before that, the overall market of hutch was in a state of growth. After 2014, the market growth rate began to decline significantly. This in addition to China's overall economy enters the new normal, consumer demand to upgrade, also with labor costs, raw material and energy costs, capital cost, environmental cost, respectively, after the rise of the dilemma about the high cost, and is the inevitable law of industry development to a certain stage. Even if there is a new boom in the real estate market in 2016, it will not prevent the coming of the hutch industry adjustment period. In the future, the overall performance of the kitchen and bathroom industry will be improved by the brand concentration.
Currently, hutch defends each category of the head segment businesses is not much, such as kitchen cabinets, bathroom, kitchen electrical, ceramic tile category of brand concentration is higher and higher, the second - and third-tier brand of living space will be compressed, the competition will be more to strengthen on the level of brand, no brand based out of the small and medium-sized enterprises will face with the brand enterprise as the center of the group will appear in succession. Even in hutch defends industry brand kitchen electric field of the opposite concentration, 2016 domestic hutch electricity market is characterized by the cruel shuffle, Mr D cloud network, according to data from the smoke lampblack machine, kitchen burning gas, disinfection cabinet three chef electric products in 2016 than in 2015 fell by more than 100 brands, cruel competition.
With the concentration of industry and the penetration of capital, the kitchen and sanitation industry will have the tendency of strong and weak, and the brand concentration will be further strengthened. Hutch defends market is expected to enter the period of low or relatively slow growth, along with the market pressure, large hutch defends brand into three level 4 market or villages and towns can accelerate the speed of the market, the market share of the industry leading enterprises continue to expand, and through the transformation and upgrade, integration strategy, promote the development of enterprises into a more large-scale orbit. The survival space and profit space for small and medium-sized brands will become smaller and smaller, and a batch of small and medium-sized enterprises with weak comprehensive strength will fail, and the phenomenon of brand elimination will accelerate. There will be a small number of national companies, as well as many local brands.
3. Whole-house customization is becoming a new favorite.
As the post-80s and post-90s generations gradually become the main consumers of household consumption, the demand tendency of pursuing "light" decoration makes the whole-house customization that can provide one-stop solution spread rapidly in the household market. Whole house custom is to satisfy the "lazy", decorate the whole house is mainly regional integration in together, from design to service, to meet the needs of consumers worry to decorate, can not only to effective use of space, and can guarantee the style is unified. Since last year, the customization of the whole house has become a new trend of demand. In 2017, the whole house customization will continue to heat up, and more attention will be paid to the elaboration. The home enterprise will continue to dig deeply from the design, service and products, striving to gain a foothold in the competition.
At this year's 19th guangzhou construction expo, the biggest highlight was the explosion of China's customization industry, with nearly all the venues linked to customization. Through the new type of software design, the use of independent household space design software, VR systems, as well as a key product information combined generation system, the user space design, can through the 720 - degree panoramic VR system immediately to watch the real environment of living space in the future. Scheme is determined, can quickly generate home , floor, adorn article, and a series of product information list, after the order of each product manufacturers to stock up quickly, realize one-click one quick custom household consumption.
Customize the rise of the household, the original mainly concentrated in areas such as custom cabinets, custom wardrobe, because foreign popular descendants of integral kitchen, closet door, and kitchen, chest relatively strict to the requirement of building space use of formation, with the improvement of production technology and the evolution of Chinese residents' consumption concept, custom home gradually expanded to the bedroom, study, sitting room, dining-room and kitchen, and other areas of the whole house to live in.
At present, the customized home is mainly concentrated in about 50 brands; There are 10 listed companies (including new third board). According to the situation of our country housing sales and stock of housing renovation requirements, custom furniture industry market size of about 70 billion yuan in 2016, according to the current growth rate, at the end of 2017 custom the size of the market of household will easily surpass 90 billion. In the next four years, the growth rate of customized home furnishing industry will still maintain a growth rate of more than 20%. In 2020, the industry scale will reach 166.6 billion.
It is based on this huge market capacity, many enterprises begin to lay out custom household. From the perspective of industry distribution, at present, China's customized home market is mainly concentrated in the field of kitchen cabinets and wardrobes, with penetration rates reaching 60% and 33% respectively. For sanitary ware industry, custom and integral wei yu is a "selling point" of industrial upgrading, more companies will be made by simply produce a product that defend bath to whole wei yu the product production, to provide "design + product + service" one-stop solution. In addition, integration ceiling enterprises in the end, also coverage from the kitchen and bathroom extension to the bedroom, sitting room from the top products extends to the material of metope act the role ofing, custom home to the rising number of scenarios.
Whole-house customization is the development direction of customized homes, and in the future, whole-house customization will exist as the initial stage of exploration on the road of development for everyone. Homes is the inevitable outcome of the industry development and consumption trend reversed transmission, everyone in the company's ultimate goal is "to build an outfit population platform, providing customers with whole house design, the whole house all products and the construction of the integrated service, customers can pack a live".
4. The smart products of kitchen and health are popular, and the consumption opens the era of "lazy people"
In the report on the work of the government on March 5, 2017, premier li keqiang proposed that in 2017, we should vigorously transform and upgrade traditional industries and take the development of intelligent manufacturing as the main direction of attack. This reveals a signal that the smart home, one of the smart manufacturing industries, will usher in a golden age of development.
It is predicted that China's intelligent manufacturing industry is expected to exceed 3 trillion yuan in 2020, and the intelligent household, which is closely related to people's home life, has witnessed an extraordinary and rapid development in recent years. According to the data of China smart home appliance industry market foresight and investment strategy planning report, China's smart home market reached 605.7 billion yuan in 2016, a year-on-year growth rate of 50.15%. It is expected that the smart home will break out in the next few years, and the smart home market will reach 139.6 billion yuan by 2018. It can be seen that the market prospect of the smart home industry is huge. Intelligent household concept is the foundation of the house as the platform, the use of integrated wiring technology, network communication technology, security technology, automatic control technology, audio and video technology to integrate the household life related facilities, schedule to build efficient residential facilities and family affairs management system, improve home security, convenience, comfort, artistry, and realize environmental protection and energy saving living environment. Since the moment of the birth of smart home, it has been carrying out the mission of subtraction for the tedious life of mankind. Toilet bibcock of automatic temperature control and shower, on-demand touch down open toilet, kitchen kitchen cabinet components, since the clean water tank, with bluetooth function can be used as a display of intelligent mirror, intelligent hardware (fingerprint lock), etc., in the back of a simple multi-functional, it is the user high requirements of the humanization, personalization of smart products.
In the intellectualized development, many cross-boundary cooperation between hutch wei enterprise and Internet enterprise is also a great driving force to promote the upgrade of traditional kitchen and bathroom products. At the same time, the company also plays the role of product port to actively explore more intelligent products, bringing consumers not only the improvement of quality of life, but also the subversion of lifestyle.
Smart bathroom as a part of smart home, is in the rapid growth period of development. In recent years, the intelligent bathroom products represented by intelligent toilet, intelligent shower room, intelligent flower shower, intelligent bathroom mirror, etc., are becoming the object of more and more consumers' pursuit. The intelligent bathroom has become an important direction for the development of the sanitary ware industry, especially the smart toilet industry, which is the focus of the country, and is a window for Chinese manufacturing and Chinese wisdom. From central high frequent mention of intelligent closestool, general administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine and local qc to spot check the quality of the intelligent toilet for many times, the construction of national intelligent toilet industrial production demonstration base and so on a series of measures, it can be seen that the national emphasis on intelligent closestool, intelligent sanitary ware industry.
5. Hutch defends the enterprise to contact the net actively, makes the new retail ecology
According to the latest statistical report on the development of China's Internet, by June 2017, China had 751 million Internet users and 54.3 percent Internet penetration. This is up 1.1 percentage points from the end of 2016. The number of mobile Internet users reached 724 million, accounting for 96.3 percent of the total. Represented by the Internet digital technology is accelerating with the depth of the economic society in various fields, to promote our country consumer upgrades, economic and social transformation, important driver of new build national competitive advantage.
In the first half of 2017, business transaction applications continued to grow at a high speed, and the network shopping user scale increased by 10.2%. Network shopping market consumption upgrade feature is further manifested, user preference gradually to quality, intelligence, new category consumption transfer. At the same time, the online and offline integration extends to data, technology and scene, and the huge user data resources accumulated by each platform are further valued.
E-commerce and traditional retail have come to the "new normal" of win-win cooperation, and Chinese consumption has been constantly changing and upgrading in the development. Ma believes that in the future, ten years or twenty years the notion of e-commerce will not, only a new retail, but only online and logistics together, can the real new retail. New retail era, is refers to the electricity and offline business entities, by the original independent, conflict, to mix, blend, no longer a distinction between online and offline, to realize the integration of both thoroughly and complementary advantages, provide consumers with all channels and the seamless consumption experience. In fact, the new retail era is a user-oriented development model. For consumers, shopping experience is the focus of their real attention. It is this development that leads the kitchen and health industry to the new retail era.
As the whole channel expands, the boundary between e-commerce and entity will become more and more blurred, and the three will be fully integrated. For consumers, the service will be more convenient than in the past. For the development of kitchen and health industry, how to take consumers as the center and make the shopping experience of consumers to the extreme is the key question for the development.


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The market of kitchen and bathroom has been upgraded to a "new favorite" in the industry.

Times change and markets change. What changes have taken place in the kitchen and bathroom market in 2017? He who knows his own enemy, will be victorious. Under the new situation, how should enterpris

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