The technology innovation adds the kitchen electric siphon effect hatches the kitchen economy stronger battle

On March 8-11, the 2018 Chinese home appliances and consumer electronics expo (AWE2018) was held in Shanghai new international expo center. Relying on the world's largest home appliance manufacturing base and the consumer market, AWE influence continues to expand, has become a global one of the top three major home appliances and consumer electronics show, IFA with Germany, the United States CES formed tripartite confrontation.
In 2018, AWE scale to 10 pavilion, show the area is almost 130000 square meters, has attracted more than 800 domestic and foreign enterprises, product categories include white goods, consumer electronics, 3 c digital, hutch defends electric appliance, living environment and health appliances, electrical appliances, wearable devices, intelligent platform, spare parts and other products and system solutions.
In recent years, hutch defends electric appliance as a piece of the home appliance industry profits highlands, attracted the attention of industry insiders, more prominent status in the exhibition of AWE, hutch defends electric appliance pavilion E1 and E2 viewers do not lose scale, the industry international fan's major appliances brand.
The innovation that fastens consumption to upgrade application type makes hutch electricity more intelligent
The current Chinese society has entered the stage of a new round of consumption upgrade, the rapid rise of the urban middle class, coupled with the change of main consumer groups to the generation after 85, 90, they are willing to by buying a better product for better quality of life, along with the deepening of the concept of iterative, leading technology, outstanding product experience will be more and more popular. Significantly increased market purchasing power, is not only a second-tier cities of spending power is stronger, through relevant data show that under the impact of the mobile Internet, three or four line city and even the rural market also showed a higher spending power. Mr D cloud network (AVC) vice President Mr Guo Meide during AWE published the Chinese kitchen electricity consumption upgrade emerging market report, according to the report, in 2017 the home appliance market growth record, achieve double-digit growth, while the secondary market growth slowdown trend, three level 4 in emerging markets is a high-profile moderate, strong development momentum.
The effects of people's life water product promotion is the longing for high quality electrical appliances product, transformation and upgrading of consumer market demand is driving home appliance manufacturers, with innovative technology research and development of high-end products, so as to keep up with the wave of consumption upgrade.
In the past few years, the intelligent wave has swept the whole society, the technology intensive appliance industry "bear the brunt", the impact is fast and far-reaching.
Traditional hutch electricity market in China has developed more than 30 years, from the use function of satisfy consumers to personalized needs and intelligent function, the change of the consumer market in the field of each session of AWE. If a few years ago by intelligent storm swept, on intelligent products a bit hasty, so this wave agitation dodge a lot this year, AWE of kitchen electric keywords are not just a "smart".
Through a visit to AWE2018, trendsetter discovered that this year, the kitchen power giants' products were more focused on the operation experience of the products, and applied micro-innovation was used as the pain point for consumers to use kitchen power. The most important function of the lampblack machine is to prevent the spread of the lampblack and quickly absorb the lampblack. Exhibited such as square too intelligent elevator EM7T lampblack machine, S innovation using intelligent butterfly ring of science and technology "and new lampblack servo photosensitive sensor, can be automatically perceive lampblack size change, realize the butterfly ring suction plate automatic lifting, real-time perception exhaust outlet end resistance to automatically adjust the fan speed, into the row at both ends, instant response, truly" with lampblack size, intelligent lifting ". If a few years ago a lot of kitchen electric factory is to build on the hot and smart, "intelligent" hutch electricity now will proceed from actual pain points and use the experience of the user, through intelligent technology breakthrough to bring real convenience to users, thereby liberating the hands of consumers, to optimize the operating experience.
From the source to prevent the spread of lampblack, shuaokang creative use of gas stove for the lampblack machine. Exhibition site sacon cubic kitchen burning gas is rob mirror, wind around the kitchen is provided to increase of its innovative duct system, the formation of the air curtain can cut off the air convection, in the kitchen burning gas surrounding an omni-directional breathless from the bottom up protection act, the cooking of the lampblack, oil and gas and combustion gas omni-directional isolation, and will lead to the gathering smoke lampblack machine cavity, through three-dimensional all-round absorption lampblack machine, four dimensional approach and improve lampblack machine more than three times the smoking effect, achieve to kitchen pollution comprehensive cut off.
In terms of great suction, botou electric introduced a new product, the 4th generation of great suction oil cigarette machine (5900S), which is equipped with a new and upgraded super-strength core 6.0 fan system. The inner rotor technology is equipped with ultra-high speed impeller technology, which comprehensively improves turbine efficiency. The maximum air volume can reach 21m3/min, and instantly absorbs the lampblack produced when cooking. Wanhe brings its newly developed X12A series of lampblack machine, which USES the fourth generation duct system, which makes the cigarette machine double power in one rotation, and the maximum suction can reach 23m3/min.
On the cleaning problem, midea kitchen electricity "new four big inventions" one of the steam washing oil smoke machine appearance midea kitchen language Lab, popular. Midea kitchen electric insists on taking invention as the strategic core, using invention to make life more beautiful. The beauty kitchen focuses on the user experience, the upgraded version of the steam washer makes the kitchen miserable cleaning problem simple.
Technical applications disrupt traditional kitchens.
In addition to improve the performance of the product itself, clean the kitchen for users to bring about better health environment, some enterprises but also to see the first to break the traditional pattern and traditional kitchen electricity of the kitchen, add more possible for Chinese family kitchen.
In recent years the economy has gradually become the kitchen instead of sitting room, the kitchen is no longer is the battlefield of housewives sweat alone, but a place to deduce a new way of life, become friends with the family interaction exchange center of the emotion. Open mode kitchen is becoming fashionable emerging consumer groups, in the past Chinese cuisine cooking way to limit the people to the kitchen the imagination of the good life, so some kitchen electric brand will now open kitchen with an elegant environment, spatial pattern of open into reality. Through independent research and development and technological breakthrough, fong introduced the new island type oil smoke engine EA06, which attracted the attention of the audience. Pure white body is elegant and simple in appearance, with multimedia audio and video system, both sides can operate, and intelligent suction and no running smoke. Let open kitchen become family entertainment interactive center truly.
The company's exclusive invention of the central oil-absorber machine won the thumb up of wu xiaobo, a famous financial writer, based on solving the problem of lampblack extraction in the whole house. The main engine of a smoke inhaler is installed on the top of the public flue of the building, and the power can be allocated by intelligent algorithm, so that the lampblack of the residents of each floor can be strongly sucked out of the flue. At the same time, the kitchen terminal lampblack machine no longer installs the motor. It is understood that the owner of the electrical appliances with a number of real estate developers to cooperate, nearly 30 projects to the implementation of the central smoking tobacco smoke machine.
In 2017, artificial intelligence technology is everywhere, and the application of technology has spread to all fields. In this year's awe-2018 exhibition, some enterprises have applied AI technology to kitchen products.
The Internet company, yunmi, has plunged into the home appliance business, and has combined traditional kitchen power with the latest AI technology. Cloud m AI EyeBot lampblack machine is said to have had the AI image recognition ability of lampblack, suction can change, as the lampblack size and spread of gathering smoke board can also intelligent elevator, stir-fry action will not affect the AI judgment. In view of the general noise of the oil and tobacco machine, EyeBot has added three dimensional space active noise reduction function.
And launch innovative research and development of S2 intelligent touch ovens have sense of AI temperature probe real-time detection of pan temperature function, which can realize a key soup, Fried a key, a key cooking three patterns for a while, to reach the state of human-computer interaction, easy operation and safety for the user experience.
With the consumption upgrading, the pursuit of simple, healthy and quality family life is the eternal demand of users. In the area of cookware, fong tai offers another solution. It is very eye-catching in the exhibition. It has only one operation panel and two knobs on the surface, which makes the kitchen cleaner and more convenient. Performance is different from traditional heating of the kitchen burning gas, square too electromagnetic range using the electromagnetic induction heating principle, not directly heating stoves, make the iron POTS itself to high fever, the higher the power, the greater the fire. At the same time, innovative application of "half-bridge connection", "double independent chip" and "big magnetic energy line disk" are three innovative technologies to overcome the difficulty of traditional electromagnetic oven fire, which is comparable to the fire of gas stove. Compared with the use of open fire traditional cooking stoves, the appearance of this product for consumers to provide a more diverse choice.
It is worth mentioning that in the past, the word of mouth of the smoke stove elimination three pieces of cover, the smoke machine stove is still in full swing in innovation, renewal, disinfection cabinet but gradually decline. On the one hand, the limitation of Chinese family kitchen space leads to the compression of kitchen equipment, the rise of dishwasher, embedded kitchen electric power and utility gradually replaced the position of disinfection cabinet. In addition, the dishwasher generally has the function of sterilizing and even drying, the multi-function fusion, one machine multi-purpose, has become the trend. This is also reflected in the integration stove, which used to be integrated with the disinfection cabinet at the bottom of the focal point, and now it is adapted to the market requirement and is also equipped with the steam oven.
Traditional kitchen electricity still has the rise space fierce competition to continue.


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